In the wild land of Khaz Modan, in the icy hills of Dun Morogh, on the route between great fortrest Ironforge and cursed Gnomeregan, there is frozen place called Iceflow Lake, land of snow wolfs. This quiet, silent place will become battlefield, where blood flows …

V drsné krajině Khaz Modanu, v mrazivých horách Dun Morogh, na cestě mezi velkolepou pevností Ironforge a proklatým pokořeným Gnomereganem, jest zamrzlé jezero Iceflow Lake, obývané sněžnými vlky. Toto klidné a tiché místo se v brzy stane bitevním polem. Po třpytivé jinovatce blyštícího se ledu poteče krev …

From the battlefield:

There was Motion Grand PvP Tournament in duels on Monday 17.04.2006: 19.00 GMT+1 at Iceflow Lake, Dun Morogh, aliance only. First massive PvP event on Drak’thul server.
There were 38 fighters in Tournament and a lots of spectators from both sides (horde and aliance). Tournament results are quite impressive, you can see that certain clases have andvantages but also disadvantages when fighting another type of clases (For example paladins have hard time with warlocks, in the other hand rogues can beat warlocks relative easy.) But every character can win a duel with every class. That means good PvP balance (thanx Blizz).

Bonus Superfight:

Oh well, Ninjagon „Judge“ got wiped by his guild mate Jemen „Maestro MT“ in a single duel. It was quick and bloody, no revenge allowed. Now poor Ninjagon must sing a „gay“ song to the whole party raid team speak at Emperors AQ fight, omg!

Final Match was ugly because of Deathaak !

Deathaak – rogue - Motion VS Gabbana – warlock – TTH, and Deathaak wins 3 times in a row. Coul’d I knee befor you my master Deathaak, Champion of the Aliance? (really grats, you did the best). :)

The shortest duel:

Deathaak – rogue – Motion VS Gabbana – warlock – TTH (in about 8 sec).
Yes, rogues do it from behind :)

The longest duel:

Jarvis – paladin – TTH VS Prdac – paladin - Resistance is Futile
(about 15 minutes, the duel was canceled by Ninjagon „Judge“, and the rules were changed especially for this duel: No mana or HP regain.)
At 15th minute of this paladins duel, (the both paladins were at full HP and 75% mana), Jarvis said something like: “Hey, I almost got him right now.” :)

We hope that you all enjoyed Motion Grand PvP Tournament, and that more events like this one will come soon.

Ninjagon & Motion Team