... most of us remember old ShadowMoon ...

... some of us remember Grand PvP Tournament at the Iceflow Lake of Khaz Modan (17.04.2006) ...

... more of us remember The Gurubashi Arena Tournament deep in Stranglethorn Vale (02.07.2006) ...

... lots of us remember the ultimate horde attack to conquer Alliance citties: Darnassus, Stormwind and Ironforge at once ...

... and now the BEAST approaches : The COW ! ...


20.05.2007 - Drak`Thul (EU)

- The massive Outdoor PvP epic battles Alliance versus Horde, that has never been here before.
- The war of Alternative PvP oriented characters (lvl 60-70 allowed).
- Several alliance and horde PvP raids under the command of raid leaders: horde Warlords and alliance Marshalls.
- Organisation by people from the TOP Drak’thul guilds: horde AND aliance, who will lead you together for this epic PvP event.
- Official language in raids is English (no CZ, SK, RU, etc.).

Basic Informations:

All battles will have 2 main phases:

1. phase: Defend the base locations an attack on the enemy objectives by the raid leader coomand. Warlords and Marshalls will fly over the battles and command their raids from the sky. You can expect massive zerg technics but also strategic movements and organisations, the brutal strengh and intelligence codex – both will be needed in The Craft of War.

2. phase: The rage of Warlords and Marshals will come: One leader from both faction will come down from the sky into the most brutal fight to help with battle by himself. Nobody will know, who exactly will be the raging leader, until now. Now both factions will know the names of raiging leaders and battle objectives are simple: Protect and defend your raging leader and kill the enemy one. The side whose raging leader will be first killed is losing this battle. Now stop fighting, regroup and move to the next battlefied, until the Final Battle. The winning side will grab the gold treasure, all women and goods, and will celebrate above fallen enemy for the three days long ! :-)

Registration Rules:

- Every character must register on the official Registration Page to participate in The COW (First registrations = greater chance to be first in battle raids, raid slots ARE limited).
- LvL 60 - 70 alt character on Drak’thul – EU server ( If you do not have any alternative character lvl 60-70, do not worry, we will try to invite you too, but Alt‘s goes first.)
- Entrance payment 5g per character to the raid leader (all golds will be redistributed to the winning side, nothing for organisators).
- Players must be ready during the whole event (no waiting for single AFK,disconnect, etc.)
- Public agreement by player to listen raid leaders and follow their commands (Very important to enjoy the battles).

Battle Rules:

- Listen to you raid leader, and follow his commands!
- Only the organisators can use flying mounts ! All others will use classic ground mounts ONLY, during the whole battle ! (Remember there are many strong reasons for that, for example there will be lvl 60-70 characters).
- Do not use /yell in the battles! (If you spam, you can miss the raging leader message by /yell and lose the whole battle !).
- Do not spam any canals, especially do not send whispers to raid leaders and other organisators during the battles (Leaders do not have the time to answer your questions and every spam brings the risk of disconnect, even for YOU).
- Do not attack the flying characters (those will be organisators commanding the battle, or video producers - do you want a good WoW video? - or spectators who are not fighting, just forget them, they cannot attack you).
- Turn your graphics effect to low, turn on your spam filter, close all external programms, run just WoW and help us and help our server to manage this very hardware difficult event.

- You CAN use EVERY PvP technics in the game to help you win the battles against oposite faction, including engeneering, all kind of buffs, consumables, etc., but not exploits, spamming and cheats! (and remember, don’t use character controlled flying mounts).



Alliance won the Hellfire Battle.
Horde won the Zangarmarsh battle.
Nobody won the battle about Haala.
The final battle at Oshu'gun field won Alliance.

We hope that you all enjoyed THE CRAFT OF WAR, and that more events like this one will come soon.

Ninjagon & Team